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5 things you must know before looking for the best NDA coaching in Bareilly

Before you jump on to how to crack NDA exam. Its critically important to think of why the National Defence Academy? Is it for you at all? To put it in perspective:


1. Today, Indian Armed Forces is the second largest military force in the world. It has world’s number 1 voluntary army in terms of size. For several millennia now, India has been one of the most powerful countries in the world due to her sheer military power. According to some of the top global firms for e.g credit  suisse Indian Armed Forces is the fifth most powerful military in the world.


2. But, thats not it. Despite being such a formidable force, India has never invaded any country. That is what actually differentiate us from rest of the world. And hence Indian armed forces is one of the most respected military in the world.


3. No doubt that to work with such highly respected military like Indian Armed Forces is a dream come true moment for millions of young men/ women in India. If you are one of those patriots who understand the meaning of the phrase: “with great power comes great responsibility,” if you love your countrymen more than yourself, If you with all the muscle power can still have a heart full of love for the humanity, then Indian Armed Forces is for you. And, National Defence Academy is your way to get there.


National Defence Academy OR NDA, located in Khadakwasla near Pune, is a Joint Services Academy of Indian Armed Forces, where cadets of three services, namely, the Indian Army, the Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force train together before they go on to pre-commissioning training in their respective service academies. At the NDA, in addition to the training for the armed forces the cadets are also taught academics to cover the graduation level degree in Arts, Science or Computers. The training at National Defence Academy is broken into six terms and the total duration of the training is three years. Once their training is concluded, the cadets are awarded their bachelor’s degree at the passing out parade of the NDA. Thereafter the cadets go to their respective service institutes namely the Indian Army Academy or IMA for army cadets, Air Force Academy, Hyderabad for Airforce cadets and Naval Academy, Cochin for Naval cadets.


4. The NDA transforms a hesitant young cadet into an honourable, physically and mentally competent man who is prepared for any kind of adversity that might face him and is always ready to prove himself to be the torch bearer of respect and power that the Indian armed forced command in the world.


5. UPSC conducts entrance exams for aspirants who wish to get into the National Defence Academy, known as the NDA/ NA exam. The exam is conducted twice a year. Millions of young men/ women with huge hopes apply for this exam. But only hope is just not enough to crack the entrance exam of the world’s one of the finest armed forces. We at Gurukul National Academy completely understand this. Our specially designed for NDA entrance exam courses and selection rate put us right at the top of the best NDA coaching in Bareilly, race.


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